2 Courses to Earn your Endorsement! (Beginner and Experienced)

The Basic RiderCourse and The Basic RiderCourse2 License Waiver

In addition to offering the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) for beginning riders, our program will be offering a new course, the Basic RiderCourse2 License Waiver (BRC2LW) for experienced riders. Both classes when completed successfully will earn the license endorsement. A couple of the main differences are below. Please see full course description for complete details and requirements of each course.

BRC – Beginners

  • For students with no, or very little riding experience
  • Students use the programs motorcycles, and practical skills takes place over two riding days

BRC2LW – Experienced

  • Students MUST HAVE experience and can show clutch control and balance from the start of class
  • Students use their own motorcycle, and practical skills takes place on one riding day